Shah Rukh Khan Thought He Wasn’t Good Looking Enough To Be An Actor!

He is India’s biggest super star. He has women, and men, swooning over him. He is the undisputed ‘Badshah’ of the Bollywood film industry. However, he thinks that he isn’t good looking enough to be an actor! Believe it or not, Shah Rukh Khan has himself admitted that he thought he wasn’t the most handsome and charming man before stardom found him.

Shah Rukh Khan, in a recent interview, has revealed a ‘secret’ that the reason he signed movies such as ‘Baazigar’ and ‘Darr’ was because he thought he did not have the looks to be a conventional hero.

“This is a secret, I’ve never said this on any interview. The reasons I agreed to do roles which the other guys were saying no to (for whatever their mindset was), a Darr or a Baazigar, was because I thought I’m not good-looking enough to be a hero, so let me just get a villain’s job. I didn’t do it because I was gutsy or because I knew I could pull it off, I’m such a great actor,” said Shah Rukh Khan.

The actor played the antagonist in ‘Baazigar’, ‘Darr’ and ‘Anjaam’, all of which incidentally were instrumental in creating a stronghold for him in the film industry. The movies turned into huge commercial successes and Shah Rukh Khan became a household name.

We were also surprised to learn that his directors gave him a hard time while telling him flatly that he was ‘ugly’. He says that he did not mind that as he was only focused on getting a chance to act and showcase his talent.

“I took on roles because I just wanted to act. It didn’t make any difference if I was going to become Rishi Kapoor or Amitabh Bachchan, it didn’t matter if I became Salman Khan or Aamir Khan – they were already working here. I just wanted to act because I thought I know a bit of it,” added the superstar.

How could Shah Rukh Khan’s wealth of talent and magnetic charisma have hidden for long? He was always meant to arrive and rule Bollywood.

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