Priyanka Chopra Spilled The Beans About Ranbir Kapoor’s Current Girlfriend

Karan Johar‘s talk show Koffee with Karan has always generated a lot of controversy, and so, season 5 couldn’t have been very different either, could it? Celebrities have always made shocking revelations on the show and a new shock bomb has just been dropped! Priyanka Chopra is said to have made an appearance on the popular chat show and while interacting with Karan, she is alleged to have given out a rather interesting detail about Ranbir Kapoor’s love life.

Now, Ranbir’s long string of affairs are already popular knowledge but he has been single since he broke up with Katrina Kaif in early 2016. However, now it looks like he might be seeing someone already!

Karan Johar asked Priyanka Chopra if her busy international schedule has allowed her to keep track of what is happening in India, she admitted that she tends to be cut off but tries to get as much information as she can. To this, Karan asked her whether she had heard the news about Ranbir’s latest relationship status? Priyanka jumped excitedly and exclaimed, “Yes, you just told me in the make up room.”

Karan’s immediately feigned ignorance and said that he didn’t say that Ranbir was dating anyone. He had in fact told her that the actor was single. Interestingly, Karan accidentally revealed that Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone are pretty much together at this point. We know this because Karan is believed to have told Priyanka that “Ram and Leela are still together”.. hinting at the love-birds.

So who is telling the truth? Karan, the diplomatic director, trying to cover up his crime of indulging in a gossip session? Or Priyanka just blurted out some hot gossip unintentionally?

We are just as curious as you are. Perhaps, we will see Ranbir with the mystery woman in question, soon?

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