Kangana Ranaut: People Tried To Shame Me For Not Being Able To Speak English

Kangana Ranaut is well known as the small town girl who made it big in the world of Bollywood. But what many people do not know is the struggle behind the making of the star that is today known as Kangana Ranaut – the fantastic actress.

In an interview with a leading news agency recently, Kangana revealed that she was ridiculed and made to feel apologetic for her small town origins, inability to speak English or dress well.

“I do not find anything embarrassing about my born existence. People tried to shame me, coming from small town, not being able to speak English, not being able to dress up properly. But that didn’t shake anything in me. I always operated from the place of my individuality,” she said.



The three-time national award winning actress has moved up the ladder all through her sheer hard work and talent. She did not come from a filmy background, unlike many of her contemporaries today and she certainly did not have it easy as many things like a non-affluent background and a Hindi-medium education could have worked against her favour.

Kangana is today known as a fierce feminist and she unhooked the sexist way in which she is viewed but that she likes to prove these perceptions wrong through her hard work.

“Even today when I work, the first reaction I get from people is ‘Oh, she is a delicate beautiful girl’ but as I go about my work, it disappears,” said Kangana.


She also went on to encourage other women by saying that confidence alone can pull them through the tide and belief in themselves will help put them at par with men.

“Women have to first believe in themselves as equals, only then they will get that sort of treatment. Today I can proudly say, that within five days of shooting any film, I am treated like anyone else on sets,” she said.

Who says it is all hunky dory for film stars? But there is only one Kangana, isn’t it?

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