Vidya and Priyanka Face Hrithik’s Ire?

Hrithik Roshan was never that embroiled in controversies in his long spanning Bollywood career like he is now. All credit goes to his public spat with fellow actor Kangana Ranaut. It so happened that on few occasions Kangana Ranaut’s “bold stance” against hrithik was lauded by few B-town leading ladies which apparently upset the Junior Roshan.

An interesting piece of news on Pinkvilla got us wondering what is going on with Hrithik these days.  Hrithik put up a happy face during this year’s IIFA and delivered a knock out performance on the stage but many inside reports point out that Hrithik was extremely unhappy with many things. Reportedly Hrithik and Salman kept away from each other as Hrithik felt let down by Salman for not supporting him even though help was asked in Kangana’s case. Salman apparently insisted Hrithik to dance with Daisy Shah to which Hrithik said Okay but didn’t include Daisy in the act which in turn annoyed Salman Khan.


But the buck doesn’t stop here, coming back to the report that we are talking, reportedly Hrithik sent angry messages to his colleagues- Vidya Balan and Priyanka Chopra for supporting Kangana Ranaut openly. The messages were said to be hurtful. Vidya Balan, Priyanka Chopra had openly appreciated Kangana for her boldness even though they did not say anything about her legal tussle with the superstar.


Interestingly all three ladies have portrayed strong characters on screen and perhaps its their mutual admiration for each other’s work that has led Vidya and Priyanka speak for Kangana. But, the Roshan- Ranaut spat is just not dying out is it?

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