Salman Bhai Mighty Upset with Sonakshi Sinha?

Looks like Junior Shotgun Sonakshi’s stars are not shining right at the moment. If rumors are true, Arbaaz’s ‘Dabang 3’ featuring Salman will not have Sonakshi as the female lead! It’s a franchise film and Salman will play the ‘Chul Bul Pandey’ but reportedly the makers are on a lookout for a new face to fill Sona’s shoes.

There were many reports earlier that suggested that all is not well between Salman and his protege Sonakshi Sinha. It all started when Arbaaz offered  Sona a leading role in his home production ‘Dolly ki Doli’ which she declined politely and eventually the role went to Sonam Kapoor.


Sona’s refusal to take up Arbaaz’s project apparently shook the rapport that she had built with her mentor Salman and his brother. And reportedly, Salman was extremely upset with Sona’s gesture but kept quite. However, things took a bad turn at Salman’s sister Arpita Khan’s wedding reception where the duo- Sona and Salman had a big showdown that left the pretty lady weeping out loud.


Sonakshi wasn’t invited to Arpita’s wedding and gossip columns started speculating why she wasn’t on guest list when Salman had launched her magnanimously in his home production and made Sonakshi  a star overnight. Many reports ended up relating Arjun Kapoor’s closeness with Sona as the reason because Arpita and Arjun had a past.

Then there was Sonakshi with her family at Arpita’s wedding reception shocking everyone. She managed to click a cute selfie with her mentor and titled it “Somethings never change” on her instagram which apparently irked Salman.


According to many onlookers at the party Salman and Sona got into a heated exchange of words and Salman yelled out loud saying’ I did not say that’ which shocked everyone and left Sonakshi sobbing rather uncontrollably. Reports suggest that Sonakshi said something that upset Salman but nobody knows what happened between them at that moment.


However, Sonakshi rubbished all rumors and maintained that she was speaking to Arbaaz who told her that his movie ‘Dolly Ki Doli’ is coming up well to which she congratulated him. Sona out rightly denied all the reports  of her tiff with Salman.

Now, Arbaaz is all set for the third installment of Dabang series and we hear Sonakshi is out of it! Nobody knows what can irk Salman and when he might get upset but we really hope that Sonakshi’s career will not take a hit.



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